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Our emphasis is on the quality of leads as opposed to the number.

Strategic and Diversified

We focus on the most relevant audience with the highest intent for your products and services. The mission is to  target and attract more opportunities to grow your business with a key combination of leading publishers, media networks, and historical data to deliver your message to the right audience, in the right places, at the right time.

We understand the importance of consistently positioning your business across all areas of a potential customer’s search cycle and buying intentions. Being accessible with a balanced program is essential on the frontend while optimizing and developing are imperative on the backend. Our goal is to maximize your return by minimizing irrelevant and wasteful traffic.

 Hyper-Specific Targeting

A significant benefit of online (digital) advertising over traditional advertising is the ability to be extremely specific in targeting. We only show your ads in the areas you serve. We focus on all applicable states, metros, towns, and zip codes you serve. We also align the appearance of your ads with your business days and hours of operation to receive the most opportunities from your budget.

All devices are not the same, and we target computers, tablets, and mobile phones with ads specific to those devices. Mobile search is here, and it is more important than ever to have a responsive website or mobile-friendly landing page. We increase engagement and stimulate calls from mobile users with click to call features and customized call routed phone lines for multi-location  programs.

Tracking and Measurement

You will not guess if your online advertising is performing, you will know it. To us, the rate of return on your investment validates the real value of our service. We track, audit, and evaluate every search, click, call, and web form to make educated adjustments in an attempt to exceed performance month after month, and year after year.

If the most significant opportunities to grow your business occurs on the phone, empower yourself with our HIPAA compliant call categorization service. Call categorization provides greater insight into every call through a team of trained human reviewers — reporting data such as the number of new or existing customer opportunities, requests, and booked jobs.

I’ve worked with Richard and his firm, Be Seen Today, since 2010. His knowledge of digital marketing, thoroughness and follow through have contributed significantly to delivering a positive ROI for the 17 marketing co-ops that I managed. Above all, Richard is one of the most honest persons I’ve ever met.

Randy Sones  Vision Source®
Randy Sones

It has been a wonderful experience working with Richard Maldonado @ Be Seen Today, and I am very happy with our increase in sales and audience attendance at my events. Rich is very personable and cares about his customers. Unlike my prior experiences with other companies, Rich took the time to learn about my company and our needs in advertising.

Brenda Ferrarini  Elegant Bridal Productions
Brenda Ferrarini

Maximum results through proven technologies, vetted partners, and decades of experience.

Hello, my name is Richard Maldonado; I am an independent online advertising advisor that is big on service, quality of work, and lasting relationships. I treasure every partnership and am committed to what is best long-term. My mission is to help grow your business through established digital media channels, advanced measurement technologies, qualified online leaders, and over twenty years of experience in the advertising industry.

Confirmation that our partnership relieved pain points, increased market share, and contributed to your success is what drives me. Each advertising program is built on your business objectives and elevated by a strategic combination of tracking services, ad networks, and premier partners to provide you with an extraordinary personalized service in the most resourceful and cost-effective manner.

contact me to schedule a personal consultation if you need help simplifying the fragmented online advertising landscape, expanding your presence, generating new customers, or increasing sales online.

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